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film production


Lakshay arts being one of a kind production house, always focuses on revolutionizing the art of film making. To create a timeless piece in the hearts of our audience's, using state of the art technology and exceptional minds

Pre-wedding and Wedding Films

Films-Announce your big day in style showcasing who you are, what you love and how you met your partner or have your wedding filmed in style and capture all your memorable moments forever with our pre wedding/wedding videography or films. We are experts in candid videography and photography. We are also the best wedding cinematography providers.

Music Videos

Integrate a song and imagery for promotional and artistic purposes. Use them for promoting your music recordings or as an artist. Documentaries- Create a non-fictional

motion picture documenting some aspects of reality.

Short Stories

A small canvas which allows the brand / individual to print a reasonable
picture without sky rocketing amount spent on advertising.

Travel Videos

Ignite the wanderlust inside everyone on your website or social media
platforms by adding inspiring and breathtaking travel videos made by us.

Hyper lapse Videos

Motion pictures created with time-lapse photography to showcase
your business/buildings with our latest technology and cameras.


Become a vlogger and get noticed! . We make vlogging videos from make
up to fitness to comedy. Whatever be the niche, we are ready!



Reach out to us now to create that masterpiece

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Phone/Whatsapp : 7892831484

Address : #50Maruthi, 2nd Main Rd, 

Thambu Chetty Palya,Battrahalli

Bengaluru - 566049

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