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We at Lakshay Arts are experienced in working with clients ranging from personal projects start - ups to huge multi- departmental organization.

We are experts in the market for video production and more.

We look forward to get in touch with you, collaborate and make something beautiful together.

Fast Turnaround time


We maintain a well - planned schedule time required for a project but never COMPROMISE on the quality of work. Expert creators at Lakshay Arts take minimum amount of time required for a project but never sacrifice on the quality of work for speed. Our committed employees take up every project with utmost stride and complete within perfect timelines. Integrated quality assurance and creativity checks by our experienced creative directors helps complete any project without significant loss of time.

Unlimited Revisions


Once a client agrees to place an order with us, we do everything necessary to meet all their expectations. The client reserves the right to call for as many revisions as possible. Any claim of unsatisfactory work raised by any of our clients is acted upon immediately to ensure that we address the issues identified. We shall ensure that the client's revision requests are worked upon urgently to help phase out any challenges that could emerge to the deadlines of the client. We do not have any hidden charges for revision requests from our clients. It does not matter how many revisions the client requests. For as long as an order has been made with us, we shall ensure that nothing short of quality is delivered.

Guaranteed Outcomes


The integrity we have in our commitment to you will ensure YOUR RESULTS! We’ve helped established companies restructure their branding with some of our videos so that they can evolve with the next generation

of their customers.

We’ve seen clients launch their companies with our videos and land major clients and

grow their market spaces.

These are the types of results that we are determined to

have for you!




Reach out to us now to create that masterpiece

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Phone/Whatsapp : 7892831484

Address : #50Maruthi, 2nd Main Rd, 

Thambu Chetty Palya,Battrahalli

Bengaluru - 566049

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